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COVID-19 TEST (Immunochromatography Assay)

We are happy to announce, Worlds First Coronavirus Rapid Test under 15 minutes available worldwide through our distribution.

This test can be used at Airports, Seaports, Large Scale Gatherings, Education Institutions, and anywhere needed, if there is a nurse on site to take blood samples.

This product does not require medical facility or hospital to be analyzed at, results are displayed locally within minutes.

Please see below details and attached sheets. For any information, please get in touch with us.

PRODUCT: One Step COVID-19 TEST (Immunochromatography Assay)

WHOLESALE PRICE: US$32 (Thirty-Two United States Dollar) per piece
MINIMUM ORDER: 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) piece

PACKAGE: 25 (Twenty-Five) Test Kit in a Box

DELIVERY: CIF to any port or airport within 7 days.

US$32 (Thirty-Two United States Dollar) per piece

PACKAGE: 25 (Twenty-Five) Test Kit in a Box