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Procédure SWIFT-FLASH Indonesia

When we think of Indonesia, we quickly think of paradisiacal beaches lined with palm trees and surrounded by translucent waters in a tropical atmosphere.

Indonesia thus conveys many clichés in our western countries,
quick to confuse the largest Muslim country in the world with a place where the very idea of ​​business becomes incongruous.

Yet this country made up of 13,466 islands is home to 265 million people along the Ring of Fire. Fourth most populated country in the world,
its insolent growth represents a vast territory of opportunities that go far beyond luxury real estate and tourism to which Indonesia is too often confined.

We remind you that opening a file with us must necessarily obtain the validation of our compliance service managed by Bank Trust.

Procédure SWIFT-FLASH (IndonesiaGermany)

We have strong SWIFT FLASH RECEIVER in 2 Countries.

Option 1 -> return to BTC within 2 hours after verification that the swift has appeared.
Option 2 -> return in cash transfer to an account.

Receiver require CIS+POF+WINDOWS TIME – Effective payment in 2 hours.

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