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Procédure KTT Emirats Arabes Unis – Abu Dhabi

The emirate of Abu Dhabi has 8.6% of the world’s oil reserves, or 98.2 billion barrels, and nearly 5% of the world’s natural gas reserves, or 5,800 billion cubic meters.

This wealth in hydrocarbons explains the fact that the United Arab Emirates has one of the highest GNPs in the world11. The majority of these resources – 95% of the oil and 92% of the natural gas – of the United Arab Emirates are in Abu Dhabi, which was already a member in 1967 of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries even before the creation of the Federation.

KTT (Key tested telex transfer Key Tested Telex) an old way to make a transfer of funds. Actually, it is still in use in some countries such as Africa because they only have 1 or 2 hours on the SWIFT and they have to dial in, so they use telex for most of their bank-to-bank communications with counterparts they have a key exchange.

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Procédure KTT (China Switzerland Hong Kong Poland)

We have strong KTT RECEIVER in 4 Countries.

Receiver require KYC+POF and the contract to move forward.

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