UNICOM  officie dans l’importation de marchandises en provenance d’Asie, ainsi que dans le sourcing industriel et stratégique dans le monde entier.

Vous trouverez dans cette section tous les documents relatifs aux apporteurs d’affaires que vous pouvez demander sur simple demande.

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UNICOM operates in the import of goods from Asia, as well as in industrial and strategic sourcing worldwide.

In this section you will find all the documents related to business providers that you can request on request.

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We were founded on the principle that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to society and community.

This principle has guided us for more than a quater of century but it always been our customers who have been the key to our success.

[Business bridge between Europe – Russia – Asia – Usa – Middle – East & Africa]
Direct agent source producer countries government for the mulinational companies
Banking – Paymaster – Gold – Oil – Diamond
JP54 – JETA1 – D2 – D6 – M100 – CRUDE – LPG – LNG

|Russia – Qatar – Kurdistan – Iran – Irak – United Arab Emirates|
|Angola – Chad – Mauritania – Nigeria – Algeria|

Negotiation with the Government (President of the country) and with the rural community
o Build-up of the project, feasibility and technical studies
o Total investment +700 M€
o Market research for production
o Fundraising and financial arrangement in process.

o Fundraising and Project Management for infrastructure projects in emergent country as railway, airport, port, hospital..

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